Weight management is a physiological process that begins in the gut microbiome. The PhytoPower Challenge by LoveBiome is an opportunity to tackle weight loss through gut health. By nourishing and strengthening the gut microbiome, you’ll finally have a lasting weight-management solution.





If you’re ready to go all in, we recommend the Ultimate Pack. Not sure you’re quite ready for that? Choose the Entry Pack as a low-entry way to check us out, or just start with one pouch of your favorite: PhytoPower W, PhytoPower T, or PhytoPower B.




A product is only as good as its use, so when you get your shipment, dive in! Make PhytoPower W a part of your every-morning routine. Drink PhytoPower T to jumpstart thermogenic fat burning activity. And drink PhytoPower B before every meal. PhytoPower is easy and fun to drink, and each one tastes delicious. Don’t let these awesome products waste away on the shelf!


For helpful tips, recipes and community support, join our private Facebook Group. Just click the button below to connect with all the PhytoPower Challenge participants





Before you get started, take some necessary steps to document your journey. Take some "before" photos, follow the system, be sure you're meeting every Challenge requirement. Save all this information and when your 30 days are done, come back to this page to share your results! Following each step will ensure that you are eligible for the PhytoPower Challenger prizes.

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      Every month from January 1st to June 30th, LoveBiome will pick a participant who shows the best 30-day results. Chosen winner will be awarded a prize of $500!

      90-DAY SWAG BAG

      Want to see the best results? Want all the bragging rights? Subscribe and save for three consecutive months, and we'll send you a wag bag with a t-shirt, a PhytoPower shaker bottle, and a tote bag! Everyone is a winner!


      No. This round we are giving you the freedom to pick and choose the products you will use to help you with your weight loss goals. Of course, we recommend taking PhytoPower B, T, and W for the best results. But any combination of the 3 during a 30-day period will be eligible for the grand prize.

      Yes. Part of the experience is to see your results! Only winners will be chosen who have submitted all the required information.

      We want to see your 30-day results. But we also want you to submit what you are comfortable submitting as long as these pictures were taken 30 days apart. One easy way to do this is to wear the same clothes in both the before and after photos. Before photos that look like they were taken before the challenge will not be considered for the grand prize.

      Keep track of all your information as you start the challenge. At the end of your 30 days, come back to this page to submit everything together. If you need to change anything you submitted, please contact us at

      No! Each month, starting on February 15th, we will look at all the submissions and pick a winner for that month. So, whether you start January 1st, or January 14th, what matters is when you submit your results.

      Yes. Be sure to give your customers your LoveBiome ID and order number that you get when you purchase their packs. They will still need to create an account on the challenge page to enter their information.

      Of course! Taking care of your gut microbiome is important regardless of whether you have a few pounds to lose. The benefits of PhytoPower B and PhytoPower W go far beyond just weight loss. Also, we all know people who want to lose a few pounds and having them join you in this challenge is a great way to spread the LoveBiome message.

      Yes! Keep working on your weight loss goals and be sure to enter again for a chance at the prize. Just be sure to let us know what dates you started and ended the 30-day Challenge.